You Need Fast Import and Freight Forwarding Services?
Our Company provides export-import shipping services from China and overseas as well as shipping between islands in Indonesia. Our experience will prove and provide the best quality of every service for you..


Our Company is also engaged in printing and document service, providing printing solutions for document services effectively and efficiently with the new technology, quality, and aiming at building relationships with clients on an ongoing basis.. 


Our Company also provides warehousing services by developing a warehousing concept that is suitable for every industry supported by strategic warehouse locations and is equipped with a warehousing management system and advanced technology to ensure efficient and reliable processes throughout your logistics network..

Business Consultant

Our Company provides business consulting services to help SMEs, organizations, institutions, and companies to grow and be more efficient. If you are planning to build a startup or build an SME business, you will get trusted solutions from professional freelance business consultants, who will also help you determine the right business strategy at affordable prices..